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Low End Theory hosts L.A. producer Daedelus + resident DJ’s

The city of Los Angeles is well known for its nightlife and music scene.

Whether it’s the clubs and venues on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, or the bars and restaurants in Silver Lake, there is something for everyone late night in every city.

One particular spot being The Airliner bar and venue, which hosts the weekly experimental hip-hop and electronic music nightclub, Low End Theory.

This isn’t your ordinary club; however as club goers do not have to wait until the weekend to get their party on.

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Hump day just got a little more exciting as Low End Theory is held every Wednesday night from 9 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. and features special guests each time, along with the resident DJ’s of the club (The Gaslamp Killer, D-Styles, Daddy Kev, DJ Nobody, and MC Nocando).

The club charges a small $10 cover charge to enter and is strictly eighteen and over.

While most clubs typically have DJ’s playing a certain genre of music [whether it’s punk, hip-hop, or electronic dance music], Low End Theory offers a taste of everything giving guests something new and spontaneous each Wednesday night.

Founded in 2006 by Daddy Kev [producer, resident DJ, and founder of record label, Alpha Pup Records], the club is a hotspot for L.A.’s instrumental hip hop scene and a very influential world-renowned venue as it has expanded to New York City, Japan, and San Francisco.

The club is notable for launching the success of local artists, DJ’s, and producers such as Flying Lotus, Baths, Nosaj Thing, Daedelus, and many others.

Special guests in the past have included notable artists such as Radiohead’s front man Thom Yorke, rap group Odd Future, singer Erykah Badu, and experimental band Death Grips.

Frequent Low End Theory performer, Daedelus, was the most recent special guest on Oct. 8, along with producers Spazzkid, Starkey, Rome Fortune, and experimental duo Mast.

Daedelus [whose real name is Alfred Darlington], performed in celebration of his recently released new album, “The Light Brigade”, and played an intimate, ambient set in the outdoor patio stage.

Darlington is a crowd favorite and popular act at most events and Low End Theory proved just that as many of the attendees showed up to the club just for him, only to leave right after his set.

The Gaslamp Killer (William Benjamin Bensussen) is also very popular among the experimental hip hop scene, having played at music festivals and raves all around the world such as Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, Austin Psych Fest, and HARD Summer.

Having begun his career in San Diego, he became known as “The Gaslamp Killer” when he was a DJ in the Gaslamp district of Downtown San Diego and would ruin the music vibes of the clubs with his unique sets.

Bensussen moved to Los Angeles in 2006 where he helped found Low End Theory with Daddy Kev, and has been a resident DJ at the club since.

To this day, his sets are very unique and typically include a mixture of electronic dance music, “trap”, rock, experimental hip-hop, and cultural music from around the world [as he is of Turkish, Lebanese, Mexican, and Lithuanian descent].

His set during the course of the night featured just that as he would go from a mash between experimental hip-hop and “trap” beats, followed by randomly playing songs by rock bands such as Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails, and occasionally altering his beats with his iPad using a music software app created by the music program Abelton.

His signature “freak-outs” occurred during his set as well, in which he starts dancing freakishly, bobbing his head up and down, and gets lost in a serenity.

The rest of the special guests and resident DJ’s were all great in their own way, while the crowd was alive and well during the course of the night. Beers were being purchased and consumed left and right at the bar as smoke filled the air of cigarettes and marijuana in the outdoor patio area.

Low End Theory is currently in the midst of its 8 year anniversary and will host an event celebrating the occasion on Oct. 15.

For more information about the club and the next upcoming events visit or give them a like on their Facebook page.

You can also stream the newly released album by Daedelus, “The Light Brigade”, on Spotify for free.


Live footage of Daedelus courtesy of Boiler Room via YouTube.

Live footage of The Gaslamp Killer and DJ Nobody at Low End Theory via Youtube.


Music video of “Onward” by Daedelus off his new album “The Light Brigade” courtesy of Brainfeeder Records via Youtube.

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