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Joyce Manor return a little older and wiser with ‘Never Hungover Again’

Review Rating: 4/5 Stars


Los Angeles based punk-rock band, Joyce Manor, released their third studio album “Never Hungover Again” on July 22.

Never Hungover Again” is a huge step up from anything the punk quartet has ever done before. Although the band has written songs that are a lot more mature than in previous years, “Never Hungover Again” still sounds like a classic Joyce Manor punk album.

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The album clocks in at just 20 minutes, yet still has a lot of memorable and big moments. The songs are much catchier than their previous two releases and provide a “pop” feel to their tracks.

The track, “Falling In Love Again, tells a story about having new feelings for someone who you think is perfect. With an opening of a drum beat and bass line over it and loud guitars coming in ten seconds later, it doesn’t sound too far off from a Joyce Manor song. It’s the slow tempo and even string section in the song that shows that the band is progressing and is capable of writing bigger and better songs.

Another slow, melodic song that has a lot to offer is the track, “Schley”. The lyrics may be a bit odd and vague [talking about a girl who is stuck in your heart], however the song keeps a steady drum beat and simple guitar riffs throughout most of the song. After a little catchy riff that will be stuck in your head all day, the song gets louder in a classic “Joyce Manor style”.

Although the band decided to experiment and try to change things up a bit, the album hast plenty of songs that are reminiscent of classic Joyce Manor songs.

Songs like “Heart Tattoo” and “Catalina Fight Song” are fun upbeat punk songs that will have you singing along and listening to them on repeat.

With fun, catchy, and emotional songs, it is no mystery as to why Joyce Manor is receiving radio play and offers to perform at big music festivals.

Stream the album for free on Spotify, or purchase the album on CD for $13.99, via Target at

Audio video courtesy of Epitaph Records via YouTube.

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