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This Wild Life Performs at Fingerprints Music Record Store

Performing in their hometown of Long Beach, California, This Wild Life, an acoustic pop-punk band gave their local fans a nice treat by performing at Fingerprints Music Record store on Tuesday Aug. 19.

The occasion for this close one-on-one session with their fans, family, and friends was due to the release of TWL’s debut album, “Clouded”.

Not only did the band perform plenty songs from the album, they also released a vinyl version which was available for the fans to buy after the show.

This Wild Life was scheduled to begin their performance at 7 p.m. sharp (or so they stated on their instagram), however, the line to get in curved around the block for over an hour!

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This was almost unexpected considering they had only signed to Epitaph records in April of this year and haven’t been around for too long.

Sadly, only the people who got a wristband were allowed in because even though Fingerprints records is big, it couldn’t contain every eager fan who waited in line.

Right before TWL began to play they spoke a bit about how thankful they were for the fans, and their loved ones along with Epitaph records members who were there that night.

Right before they began to play, Kevin Jordan (vocals and guitar), said that although many people didn’t believe in them and they did max out their credit cards in the process of the making of this album with the amount of support they had that night clearly it showed it had all paid off in the end.

These guys were super genuine and funny throughout the whole evening. They even had posters made that were given at the end of the show and which they stuck around for to sign and take pictures with anyone who asked for one.

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