Movie Review: 300: The Rise of the Empire

Are you in to amazing visual effects in a film? Are you a fan of Director Noam Murro? Then you will love 300: The Rise of the Empire… especially in 3D.

Usually, I am not a huge fan of 3D films, only because I get massive headaches each time I watch them. However, 300: The Rise of the Empire was meant to be viewed in 3D.

One thing that I love about this film is that it covers the past, present, and the future in relation to the original 300 film. For example, this film goes through the origins of Xerxes, the Persian king. It switches from the original film to the current one and it helps views understand the story. I liked that!

Another aspect that I appreciated about the film were the lead female role. Eva Green, who played Artemisia, played  an evil antagonist who’s mission was to annihilate the greek race. When I first saw her in the film, I was skeptical that I would believe her performance/character. For me personally, some characters just don’t belong in certain film but she proved me wrong. She was believable and perfect for that role.

If you saw the first 300, than you understand that Spartans are incredibly dedicated to their country. Not just the men that fight in battle but every man, woman, and child. That is why I thought that the final fighting scene 300: The Rise of the Empire with Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey, leading the charge was AWESOME! I guess as a women, I felt like this guy-flick turned in to the best action-packed chick-action-flick ever!

Over all, this film was beautiful, visually! The women lead roles were amazing. This is a must see movie… especially in 3D!