Movie Review: Winter’s Tale

Have you ever seen a romantic movie that was so confusing and at the end of the film, left you disappointed? Well, that is exactly how I felt about “Winters Tale” by film director Akiva Goldsman.

The main character of the film is Peter Lake (Collin Farrell) who is a burglar that falls in love with an heiress, Beverly Penn (Jessica Finland), who is sick with an extremely high fever. Eventually she dies in the film but Peter discovers that he himself has the gift of reincarnation.

What really bothers me is the reincarnation part. I feel that it makes the film loses its romantic edge. When Peter comes back to life in a new day and age, I feel that it takes away from the romantic relationship he had with Beverly.

The scenes Peter shares with Beverly are so beautiful and romantic that I wish it wouldn’t end or at least have a twist with a happy ending.

Rather, when Peter comes back to life in a modern year, the story switches to him saving a little girl, Abby, who I assume is Beverly reincarnated? At this point in the film, I was really put back since the romantic element was removed!

This film has beautiful and suggestive imagery that makes the look appealing. At least I enjoyed that! For example, the film portrays Peter as a kind of an angel. He is sent on a white horse that can fly (it’s beautiful!). He battles against one of Lucifer’s thugs (Russell Crow).

By the way, Will Smith plays Satan in this film, which didn’t fit him at all! Aside from that, the composition of characters, costume designs, set designs, and brief love story between Peter and Beverly is what I appreciated most!