Sherlock is back!

The well-loved BBC drama Sherlock is back for its third season, with the first episode “The Empty Hearse”. Through the trailer, it appears Sherlock is still alive after season two’s finale.

Sherlock is a BBC drama that features Sherlock Holmes, a detective under Conan Doyle’s stories. For years, these stories have been popular throughout the world and gained tons of fans. The show presents detective stories in contemporary setting, and how the crimes are solved in unexpected ways.

The TV series stars Benedict Cumberbatch as detective Sherlock Holmes, and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson, who is Sherlock’s roommate and friend.  The first season came out in 2010, and the second series came out two years after.

The two seasons of Sherlock have six episodes in total; each one is based on a detective story according to the book series. With the application of modern technology, the methods of crime solving and the structure of storyline can be different from the books. Each episode is about one and a half hours long.

Although a lot of people might think the crimes involved in the show can be scary, indeed the show is really funny. There conversations between Sherlock and Dr. Watson are always witty and humorous.

Production of the third season started on March of 2013, Yet there has no official news for the commission season four, a lot of people are expecting it. Also, a mini episode “Many Happy Returns” is going to be released on the day of Christmas, which delighted the fans.

It has been almost two years since the last season of Sherlock. Although the trailer is only one minute long, it certainly cheers up the fans. We are all waiting for the mysteries to be unfolded.

Click here to watch the trailer: