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New ‘Carrie’ is crazier than ever

Since Halloween is coming up, watching horror movies with friends is a perfect way to celebrate. The movie Carrie is in theatre’s now, and you should definitely check it out.

The movie is adapted from Stephen King’s novel, about a high school senior girl getting supernatural power. It features Chloë Grace Moretz as the main character Carrie White, and Julianne Moore as Margaret White, who is Carrie’s mother. It was launched in the theatre on Oct.18,.

Though she is high school senior, Carrie does not have an enjoyable high school life as many other kids have. Instead, Carrie is unpopular and is constantly bullied by other people in school. This is part of the cause of her eventual brutal sabotage.

Carrie does not have a happy family life either. Living with her psychic and mental single mom, Carrie is called a “sinner” and is often forced to pray in a little room, which held a sculpture of the cross. She needs to bear her mother’s constant self-abuse, with fear and helplessness.

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It all changes when Carrie finds her supernatural power. She is both scared but excited, and the power grows as she starts to practice it intentionally. She starts to act against her mom, and makes her own decisions for the first time in her life.

Now, Carrie is capable of controlling her power, and finally burst out her revenge. After the worst humiliation possible at the prom and the death of her date, her emotions and hatre bursts out like flames, causes great damages and death of other kids who used to laugh at her.

Carrie’s life is predestined to be a tragedy. In the beginning of the movie, when Ms. White put down her sharp scissors towards her new born baby, she know this cursed infant will cause her to regret. But it’s the love and the obligation of a mother that pushes Ms. White to raise Carrie up, and eventually it costs her own life.

Instead of a simple horror movie that gives you nightmares, Carrie actually will cause you to think more about what causes a shy vulnerable girl turns to a devil. Is it merely the supernatural power inside her? Maybe not.

If you are just a beginner in watching horror movies, this one is actually not that bad. Just shut your eyes and cover your ears when some extremely bloody scenes come along, and probably this can be your first step of getting addicted to horror movies.


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