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Getting To Know You

Rio Hondo’s Choral Cabaret made their way to the Wray theatre on Oct. 20,  as they perform numerous of songs some which included music from different genres including Classical, Jazz, Pop, and others. The Choral Cabaret is made up of 25 members, and is directed by Lauren Buckley Schaer who is accompanied on the piano by Derek Gordon. This is Schaer first time working with them. The name of the concert “Getting to know you” derived from the fact that Schaer along with every member of the Cabaret are getting to know each other, and the music was selected in accordance to everything they enjoy together.

Students are split up into four distinctive groups according to their level of voice. These groups include the; Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Bases. They range from a Sopranos being the highest to a Bases who support other vocalist. However, each play a key role in delivering a great musical performance.

Sopranos: Alexandra Alcudia, Carmen Ramos, Georgette Boeltl, Destiny Marin, and Anissa Villescas.

Altos: Cynthia Moore, Zaina Arvizo, Marcela Espinoza, Elizabeth Flores, Alexandra Gonzales, Tracy Moronatty, Monika Rojo, Jennifer Ibarra, Selina Maturino, and Lauren Ramos.

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Tenors: Alejandro Rodriguez, José Espinoza, Sean Fernandez, Joseph Sarmiento, Brian Santana, Carlos Marquez, and Robert Headden.

Bases: Terrence Clark, Vicente Isais, Tomas Morales, and Jason Allman.

The show opened up with a group performance of Getting To Know You by Richard Rodgers. Following this performance was a soloist by Alexandra Alcudia who sang FeelinGood by Leslie Braces, she had her friend Lupita joined her on stage as she played acoustic version of the song on her guitar. Along with Alcudia there where seven other soloist performances. Which included; Robert Headden who sang Old Man by Neil Young, Selina Maturino who sang Castle on a Cloud by Claude- Michel Schönberg, Terrance Clark who sang The Hurt and the Healer by Mercy Me, Our God is Greater by Chris Tomlin sung by Joseph Sarmiento who also played the guitar during his performance, Blow Gabriel Blow by Cole Porter who had a combination of a soloist by Brian Santana and a collaboration of the whole group, Que Sera, Sera by Jay Livingston and sung by Carmen Ramos who has been singing since she was in fourth grade, who is singing for  the third time as part of the Choral Cabaret. Monika Rojo sang Skyscraper by Demi Lovato, Rojo has been singing since she was six years old and this being her first time performing. “it’s a very moving song” said Rojo, when asked why she choose to perform this song. Just like any other performer Rojo still gets nervous when performing however she finds her comfort zone by “getting into the music, and forgetting everything else.” The last Soloist performance was by Alejandro Rodrigues who sang It had to be You by Isham Jones.

The group performances included April is in my mistressFace by Thomas Morley, Anything Goes by Cole Porter, Embraceable You by Gearge Gershwin, The Long Day Closes by Arthur Sullivan, Dance a Cachucha, Fandango, Bolero also by Arthur Sullivan, Ain-a That Good News by William L. Dawson,  Lastly the show came to an end as they performed their last song of the night The Storm is Passing Over by Charles Albert tinselly, Arr. Barbara W. Baker. Schaer encouraged the crowed to join in by clapping their hands along with the song.

Each performance was distinct yet memorable in its own way. The show was conducted very well, allowing the different genre of music to engage with the variety of people who attended the show. Make sure to keep an eye out as the Choral Cabaret are set to perform their Holiday concert in December.

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