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‘Gravity’ pulls audiences in for a high-atmosphere adventures

Director Alfonso Cuarón’s new thriller Gravity broke records with its opening weekend of $55.6 million, while the digitally shot film’s budget was only $100 million.

Alfonso Cuarón not only directed the movie but he also co-wrote it with his son, Jonás Cuarón.

Alfonso has had success and recognition from his earlier films such as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Y Tu Mamá También, and Children of Men; but none have gotten such well received reviews as Gravity.

Gravity, released on Oct.4, stars Sandra Bullock and George Clooney as a medical engineer and astronaut on a routine shuttle mission.

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At some point disaster happens and all we know according to the early movie previews is that Bullock is lost in space seemingly hopeless.

Although with Hollywood names (Bullock and Clooney) what really lured audiences to this film was the display of amazing and ground breaking special effects.

One thing is for sure about Gravity is that it has some of the best visuals of any film, and with it being released both in IMAX and 3-D it’s sure to take the already stunning effects to another level.

Thanks to the collaboration of director Alfonso, cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, and visual effects supervisor Tim Webber, Gravity will definitely stand out in film history.

I personally hate CGI and other digital effects that are thrown around in the film industry today.

I’ve always felt that there were other creative approaches to get certain visuals on screen, but I can honestly say that Alfonso’s approach with Gravity was genius and paid off greatly.

There was nothing corny or cheezy at all about the look of Gravity and not only did it make audiences feel as if they were stranded in space with Bullock, but it also proved how far the film industry has come in special effects.

The story line was interesting and was capable to keep the suspense throughout the duration of the film.

Yet truth be told, the main pull of Gravity are visuals point blank, but that is totally acceptable with this movie.

Only minor problems with Gravity are certain aspects of the story line that are not scientific actualities, but that can surely be overlooked if the viewer is not a rocket scientist.

Gravity is an incredible movie that is definitely one you should take a trip to watch at your local movie theater. This isn’t a film you should wait to see until it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray.

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