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Imagination, Creativity Hit the Big Screen

Lights, camera, action!

Student films hit Rio Hondo’s big screen once again at The Annual River Deep Student Film Festival which is set to take place in the Wray Theater during the spring semester.

Sheila Lynch along with Tom Callinan, have joined together to conduct The River Deep Student Film Festival which first debuted in April 2011 and is joined with The Writers of Spring Festival.

These films are all created by Rio Hondo’s very own students. Where any Student enlisted at Rio can take part in this film festival.

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Rules are simple: Students are to create a film written, directed, shot, filmed, and edited by themselves. With this they receive the opportunity to enter their film in one of the three categorize selected, which include; Short Films (6-12 minutes), Micro-Short Films (1-6minutes) and Public service announcements (30 seconds).

The films are placed in each category based on the length of the film. The film can be made up of live action, animation, claymation, still photography, or a combination of any.

Film submission range from about 40 to a dozen, however this does not mean that only one student has worked on the film most films if not all are a product of a team collaboration. Once all films have been submitted a small panel of judges come into an agreement as to which films where their favorites, and the strengths the films have displayed.

“It’s all about using moving images and sound to tell a story or create an experience with or without words,” said conductor Lynch.

The winner of each category is chosen the day of the festival by the very own audience in attendance. So if you ever had a passion for film, or just want to support your colleagues, make sure to keep a look out for when the Student Film Festival bring their work to life.


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