J. Cole’s got fans up all night

Rapper J. Cole has had quite some success with the release of his latest album ‘Born Sinner.’
We have heard of J. Cole for quite some time but it seemed as if he was always slightly under the radar.
Little did we know, he was an underground sensation in 2009 and 2010 with his released set of mix tapes.
Cole struggled with his record company finding the “right” song for him to release but finally his debut album was released in 2011, “Cole World: The Sideline Story.” This album landed number 1 and took him from underground rapper to a Grammy nominee.

Although, that seems that is nothing but a mere stepping stone when we compare the success of his latest album, ‘Born Sinner.’ Bet you didn’t know Cole moved up his release date of the album to compete with
Kanye West’s “Yeezus”, which in my personal opinion stepped all over West’s album.

Reports are in and sad to admit that West’s album took the No.1 spot in sales over Cole’s. Although there are some factors to be taken into consideration, such as the fact that ‘Yeezus’ leaked a day before the release date opposed to ‘Born Sinner’ being leaked almost a week before it’s drop date.

Kanye might have won in sales against J.Cole but his album falls short of its prospected 360-380 sales and marks his lowest first-week performance. Regardless of the fact Cole came in second to West, he made impressive gains, making a 26% netting increase in sales over his debut release album in 2011 ‘Cole World:
The Sideline Story.’

Eyes should be on the lookout for J.Cole and should expect big things coming from this star. In “Forbidden Fruit” on ‘Born Sinner’ Cole raps ‘I’ma drop the album the same day as Kanye / just to show the boy’s the man now like Wanyá / And I don’t mean no disrespect, I praise legends. but this what next.’ This was a bold move from Cole and shows the future plans he has for himself.

If you haven’t downloaded or bought the album, I suggest you experimental music lovers do so, and keep Cole on your radar. ‘Born Sinner’ is packed with hit singles such as, “Power Trip”, “Crooked Smile”, and “Let Nas Down.”