When the Night Comes

by Miguel Herrera


A combination of classical music and opera was on display March 9, at Rio Hondo’s Wray Theatre as award winning project Eranos team performed a diverse amount of operas ranging from Italian, French and Czechoslovakian.

The music was consisted of three instruments, Janet Cisneros on clarinet, Andrea Garcia had flute, and Kyounghee Kim was working the piano.

Starting off, Kristin Kenaston, a soprano sang a German opera and then showed audience her character but when she could barely show us, another character came in. Jose Maldonado’s bird catcher love bird himself just going through life waiting for his own bird to keep also sings a German piece and establishes his voice. The German language is an intimidating language so imagine the inclusion of loud powerful voice behind that.

As the opera goes on the mother of Kristin’s character, which is played by Diana Michel appears. During her appearance two of the backstage members were following her giving her that presence of dominance and for a good laugh too. Throughout the whole opera there laughs were provided and the levity was appreciated.

The story flowed on with difficult decision making and fate changing arguments for the characters but all in the end everyone gets to the certain part of them they were missing. No mistakes were made and every minute of the opera was grabbing your attention but that’s not surprising when else can everyone was giving it their all.