Faculty Recital

by Gabriel Sanguino

This past Thursday the ‘Division of Arts and Cultural Program’ held a Faculty Recital in Rio Hondo’s Wray Theatre. The event featured Michael Lasserre playing alto saxophone and Jannine Livingston playing the piano. The musicians began the recital with three pieces by Benedetto Marcello; Conerto in c minor for Oboe, Allegro moderato, Adagio, and Allegro were the Italian traditional music was played in the Baroque period. The three pieces shared these fast-slow-fast tempos which created beautiful lyrical style. It then fallowed by music from Sergei Rachmaninoff; Vocalise, Opus 34, No.14 for voice and piano (Adapt ed for Alto Saxophone). The Volcalise is characteristic of the late Romantic period and is set in a two-part form encompassing a hauntingly beautiful melody. Moving on to E-Werk by John Brenner, the electric backing for e-werk consist of fast decaying sine waves that run through an extensive maze of reverb processors creating a bell-like texture. When the bell-like static harmonic progressions of the piano combine with the long melodic lines in the saxophone, a strong contrapuntal and interdependent texture unfolds creating a unique and beautiful musical expression.  Their forth piece played was Tableaux de Provence by Paule Maurice that held multiple movements. Farandole des Jeunews Filles, Chanson Pour Ma Mie, La Bohemienne, Des Alyscamps L’ame Soupire, and Le Cabridan were the five distinctive movements. Each movement contains its own unique picture or painting of provincial life in Province located in South Eastern France near the city of Nice from where Maurice lived with his wife.  Lastly the musicians ended the recital with All Fall Down by Faculty composer Steve Moshier, this piece is original work for saxophone and piano that exudes a dynamic interplay of melodic ideas. The work is dominated by driving eigth-note rhythms and syncopations that give it a hidden energy that highlights the interplay of melodic ideas. As the music drives to the end, a synergy of the two parts brings All Fall Down to dramatic finish. Claps Claps for these wonderful musicians.

Talented faculty Michael Lasserre and Jannine Livingston playing "All Fall Down." (Photo Credit: Andrea Galicia)
Talented faculty Michael Lasserre and Jannine Livingston playing “All Fall Down.” (Photo Credit: Andrea Galicia)

Michael Lassere saxophonist grew up in Baldwin Park and attended California State University Fullerton in 1998 where he received his Bachelors degree in Performance. Michael then earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education and his teaching credential from CSUF IN 2001. From 2005-08, Michael was a saxophonist of the minimalist group Counter-      Point Culture.  In 2010 he received and Master’s degree in music History and Literature from CSUF with concentration in Renaissance. He is currently a teacher in San Bernardino school district, teaching four, five and six year-olds.

Jannine Livingston pianist has earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of Sothern California. Jannine’s worked with choreographers and dance companies in her music career. Including Bella Lewitsky, Rudy Perez, and L.A. chamber Ballet. Her theatre work includes performances for the L.A. Theatre Center, the Vanguard Theatre, and CSUF Theatre and Dance department. As an educator she received a grant from John F. Kennedy center to compose and perform music for educational project “Dance Is”.  She is currently teaching music full time here at R