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007 back in action

Bond is back and better than ever in this latest 007 installment.

“Skyfall” is still filled with the same 007 action and suspense with some unfamiliar faces this time around.
Judi Dench returned as M and so did Daniel Craig playing Bond. Every Bond movie needs a Bond girl, the lucky lady to play Bond girl in “Skyfall” was Berenice Marlohe, and Q, who is Bond’s new and much younger assistant and more modern, assisting Bond with new age technology.

The movie starts with Bond attempting to retract a device that contains sensitive information vital to the secret service agency.

The plot changes when Bond fakes his death and when the MI6 agency was attacked.

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Later in the movie the audience finds out that it was ex-operative, Raoul Silva, who was behind these secret attacks but his main mission was to come after M, believing that she had betrayed him.

Silva, played by Javier Bardem, tries to get into Bond’s mind psychologically, making Bond believe that M is lying to him as well.

The movie has made close to $90 million at the box office, the theater was filled and the crowd reacted great, they laughed when the time called for it but most of the time they were quiet because the movie was full of action and suspense.

The movie really appealed to emotion when Bond was hurt but he still had to run through tests as standard procedure to see if he was fit to do active fieldwork.

A theme of the movie is letting of the past when you can’t do anything to change it.

A psychologist gave Bond a psychoanalysis providing certain words and then having Bond respond with the first word that comes to his mind. When the psychologist mentions ‘the term ‘skyfall,’ Bond stays quiet and then replies with “Done.” Bond obviously felt something when that word was mentioned, something triggered.

Later in the movie, the audience finds out that James Bond was an orphan and ‘Skyfall’ was the name of the orphanage in Scotland. ‘Skyfall’ is where M, Bond, and Silva take their last fight.

As far as style goes, there were subtle references to Mister Shaken Not Stirred. When a bartender was making Mister Bond a martini, she shook it just how he likes it but nothing was said and when she poured it in the glass, he said, “Perfect.”

Also, when Bond and M were looking for a getaway car, he goes into his storage and pulls out a classic old car with his initials on the back.

Let’s not forget he is also the lady’s man and there is plenty of that kind of action thrown in there as well. Everyone that has watched the movie has definitely enjoyed watching it and would recommend others to watch it as well. This movie is definitely worth the ticket price don’t miss it!

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