Hysterical comedic relief, ‘Pitch Perfect’

The new comedy Pitch Perfect was released officially on Oct 5.  Well known actor from the “Twilight” series and “Up in the Air,” Anna Kendrick, plays the main character Beca in this somewhat romantic comedy.  Co-stars include Britney Snow (Chloe) known from the popular: films “John Tucker Must Die” and “Prom Night.”  Rebel Wilson (fat Amy) well known from her rolls in the comedies “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, and Academy Award winner “Brides Maids.” Skylar Austin (Jesse) plays the love interest and amazing singer as well in the movie, and Anna Camp (Aubrey) plays the bitch of the story.  The movie takes place in New England where many students are experiencing their first year at Barden University.

Beca(Kendrick) is that girl you see all the time but doesn’t really fit in with anyone.  As she enters her first year of college, Beca is discouraged; all she wants is to was to go to L.A. and to focus on her mixing (dj) but as her father is a college professor she is forced to go to school.  Within the first weeks Beca is somehow forced into joining her schools all girl acapella group.   These girls sing songs without any background music, and compete with other college groups. Somehow this group is just right for Beca because it is a mix of all different kind of people: funny, shy, sweet, loud, and fat; all coming together to attempt to make great music.

Beca takes this singing group to a new level with her remixing skills and makes some great friends and meets an attractive guy in the process.

If you are looking for a movie that will make you laugh the whole time you are watching, this is the movie for you. This young group of actors worked extremely well together because they had great chemistry, which made for phenomenal screen play.