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iCarly Comeback

Time for a Reboot
Written by Alyson Gonzalez, Print Editor in Chief
Mar 11, 2021

In Five, Four, Three...Two..I know you see that there is a new iCarly! The 2007 Nickelodeon show, iCarly is coming back! It’s been 10 years since the...

Beloved Horror Icon, Sid Haig, Dies at 80

Written by Megan De Lara, Arts and Entertainment Editor
Sep 27, 2019

Horror icon Sid Haig passed away due to a lung infection on Saturday, September 21. The actor, famous for his roles in films such as Rob Zombie’s House...

Rio Talk: Sequels

Written by Leo Villanueva, Danielle Anzures, and Jennifer España
Oct 22, 2018

The film industry profits from new material and old material but would you rather have your favorite show be rebooted with a whole new cast or have it...

‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Rings in Trump Era

Written by Ramon Alvarado, Sci. & Tech. Editor
Sep 6, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult made its premiere on Tuesday, September 5, just in time to keep viewers spooked all Fall. The first episode used the 2016 election...

Donald Glover Maintains Pop Culture Dominance

Written by Jonathan Manjarrez, Staff Writer
May 17, 2017

Late last year was when Donald Glover popped back into the epicenter of entertainment in society. Glover has been making huge moves since the show he created,...

Stan Lee’s Comikaze thrills Los Angeles true believers

Written by Christopher Traslavina, Staff Writer
Nov 3, 2014

The premiere convention for all things sci-fi, comic book, and geek related in Los Angeles took the Convention Center by storm from Halloween until Nov....

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