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Trump to Comey: You’re Fired

May 16, 2017

President Trump decided to Fire James Comey, the head director of the FBI Tuesday, May 9. The President gave his reasoned that Comey was being dishonest and showing a disregard for the bureau when handling...

It’s Over: The End or New Beginning?

Though President Elect Trump has incited controversy throughout his campaign, he still acquired the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.
November 9, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump has clinched the 2016 presidential election after a tight battle to the last minute with his opponent, Hillary Clinton. His victory marks the closest election since Bush v...

Hillary Clinton Proposes No- Fly Zone in Syria

Hillary Clinton laid out policy proposals at the third debate.
November 2, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s controversial proposal for a no-fly zone over Syria was brought up again during the third presidential debate Oct. 19. Chris Wallace, Fox New’s moderator, pressed Clinton for details...

Clinton vs.Trump: The Qualifier

October 18, 2016

The October 8 debate occurred after a controversial week for both presidential candidates. Donald Trump was under heavy criticism for coarse sexual remarks made about women in a leaked video from 2005....

Sanders remains optimistic at Southern California rally, inspiring supporters

May 20, 2016

Thousands lined up at the StubHub center in Carson on Tuesday night for a rally in support of the democratic presidential candidate Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. Sanders spoke out about a variety of issues...

Clinton slings mud at Sanders

Clinton slings mud at Sanders
May 15, 2016

The Democratic primary elections have been interesting to watch. The most entertaining part has been Bernie Sanders' rise in momentum. It must be extremely disappointing for Hillary Clinton to have lost...

The U.S failure in the Arab Spring

The U.S failure in the Arab Spring
April 18, 2016

Last month’s terrorist attack in Brussels is yet another unintended consequence of the West’s dreadful diplomacy in the Middle East, specifically, the Obama Administration's use of unconventional hard...

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