A Coachella Recap

One of the most anticipated music festivals took place this past weekend and was everything you’d expect and more. Coachella weekend one happened April 14-16 and weekend two on April 21-23 with headline performers being Bad Bunny, Blackpink, and Frank Ocean. Other standout performers include Kali Uchis, Becky G, Rosalia, Labrinth, Gorillaz and Metro Boomin. 

Latinos at Coachella

Great music, incredible outfits and lots of controversy filled both weekends. Opening night headliner of Coachella, Bad Bunny,  sparked controversy after a tweet saying “Goodnight Benito could do as it was but Harry could never do “El Apagón,” was displayed during his set. It appeared as though Bad Bunny was throwing shade at Harry Styles despite being spotted at one of Harry Styles multiple shows in Los Angeles. However things were clarified during weekend two where he displayed another tweet that read, “Sorry Harry. It was a mistake from my team. We love you. <3” 

This year’s Coachella lineup was a big step for Latinos. The Puerto Rican sensation, Bad Bunny, became the first solo Latino headliner. Kali Uchis had one of the most anticipated sets and Becky G paid tribute to her Mexican heritage during both her weekend 1 and 2 sets. Her weekend one set included a special segment dedicated to regional Mexican music and she even brought out new breakout stars Peso Pluma, Marca MP, and Fuerza Regida’s frontman Jesus Ortiz Paz. Her weekend two set included a tribute to the Mexican-American icon Selena Quintanilla. 

Coachella headliners Blackpink opted for the same set both weekends. This left a few fans disappointed as many were hoping for surprise appearances from Cardi B or Selena Gomez. Both artists are featured in songs from Blackpink’s 2020 album “The Album.”

Frank Ocean  

However the largest headline coming from this year’s Coachella surrounds headliner Frank Ocean. Following the passing of his brother in 2020, the Coachella performance was his first since 2017. Fans waited in the desert heat for hours in anticipation of his set. Unfortunately, this left many fans quite disappointed. The show began an hour late, he left out many of his biggest hits, and he used vocal tracks for other songs. After sustaining an injury, a custom ice-skating rink was dismantled hours before the show. After the chaos of Ocean’s weekend one set, he pulled out from Coachella and canceled his weekend two set. Fortunately, Blink-182 was able to step in as a replacement and closed out Coachella weekend two.