The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself

Netflix dropped a new TV Series called “ The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself “. It sets off in the country road with two detectives responding to a house call soon realizing their children inside.  When entering the house the house is burning some type of red smoke and one detective hears child screams. Using her power she breaks the door and enters finding the mom dead on the bed and children in the other room crying. There are two children, a girl and a boy, the detective delivers them to grandma and the show cuts off to the present.

It shows a time lapse of the pair growing up and how much the sister hates her brother telling him how she killed her mom. Soon to realize that the girl is a fairborne and the boy is a blood witch which is the enemy in the show. Each child once turning seventeen receives gifts and powers and fulfills their destiny. Jessica is much older than Nathan and is soon to receive her powers and her gifts are items from her mother.  Her hatred towards her brother is horrible, making her join the hunter side and take out the bad witches.

When discovering her power which is being able to become someone there not. She uses that to trick her brother into thinking he is dreaming. Dreaming about his dead mom accusing him of her death. Making his brother’s life hell he is also tricked by the sister. Realizing when she transforms into Annalise, a girl he likes. He trapped and tortured and stabbed by Annalise brother and Jessica fiarborne hunters.

Before all this he was always tested as a child until now he would be asked the same questions if he feels angry or thinks angry. It was a repetitive cycle where the detective comes each month and asks him over and over. It’s a way for him not to become like his father Marcus edge the most feared and crazy blood witch. Marcus is a  powerful witch who kills and takes everyone’s power when ripping their heart and eating it. The fairborne council is searching and hunting him down. Marcus, having killed 9 out of 10 is looking for the last council member.

Nathan filled with anger goes after Annalise brother with rage start beating him up. When Annalise walks in and witness the terror. Nathan, scared for his life, runs back home to his grandma and explains what happened. When talking, the fairborne hunters show up with Jessica as one of the hunters. Scence leaves off with him looking for a way to escape the hunters.