Monty food review

Are you ever in Echo Park and a fanatic of burgers? There’s a chain down here with meat sandwiches that replaced the meat.  Monty’s has been around since summer of 2018. They have over five locations and will continue to expand their business. Customers can come and look for themselves and try plant-based foods, which has been a thing for quite some time. The menu is slightly small, but you have a good choice of eats.


The choices are very simple: you can choose between a single or double patty or a chicken sandwich. The toppings consist of tomato,pickles,onion, and lettuce to keep it short. All toppings are optional, you can sub them off to your liking. Also, to go with your burger, they have their home special house sauce. Each of these items are organic and bread is dairy free and plant based.


Fries are not included in combos, each item is sold separately, but  you have the choice of fries or the 50/50. The 50/50 consists of tots and fries, which is a great deal for what you get. Make sure to try this amazing deal. Remember though,  you’re most likely to have leftovers since you’ll be full from your burger and drink. 


Drinks can be a difficult choice to go with your meal. You either want a simple glass of water, or want to top it off with something sweet like a shake. The choice on the drink section is simple: either its water or lemonade, which are either lemon or strawberry. Shake flavors run from chocolate,strawberry, to vanilla; also many see past the root beer float. The choices are small, but overall you can not go wrong with a glass of water and a shake to fill you down.

Overall Liking

The vibe and choices of this chain are super unique. Customers come for the vegan experience for those who have never tried plant-based food. Others come because they are vegans, which the majority of people now are leaning towards. All the items are sold separately so make sure you look at the menu.