Balenciaga Review

The majority of shoes, nowadays, are designed for each level of class price you’re looking for. Designer shoes have always been known as shoes that few can buy. They range from the thousands to tens of thousands, or even more, depending on the stock, edition, or even style. 

Are they taking people’s hard earned money?

There are plenty of releases each season or depending on the demand. Customers or people with money tend to spend lots of money on designer shoes with no good design. Many of the shoes look like bricks or socks, like Balenciaga or Gucci.

People spend their hard earned money on designers.  It’s a repetitive cycle for those who can’t afford it but are spending money, on the other hand, others are sending it like nothing. Everything, whether it is shoes or materialistic stuff, in life costs money, which is why it has a high price tag. Designer tags are above the roof regarding limited supply but also prices wise.

Balenciaga is a smart, wealthy brand capable of doing big things, regardless of many unnecessary releases. The marketing is crazy. People know drops are always dropping even though it may not seem fair, but overall it benefits them. Best way for people to know when a release drops is simply looking online or knowing someone inside Balenciaga.

The brand could use famous individuals, and market them to drop a wallet, or even a watch, and people would still go crazy for the item. Rich individuals would probably buy a piece of paper with the brand name and still consider it a necessity. 

It has a very similar look to a lay’s chip bag which is totally different as opposed to a balenciaga design. The cost of the bag is rounding up to almost $1,600, which is insane for a bag. Which by all means, anyone has the decision to go out of their way and buy a bag. 

Back to the question, as to why balenciaga drops way too many releases, this is an example of the best marketing. It is the simplest way, but it has been working for these high value brands. These products change the way people feel and think, but just cause one has an expensive item doesn’t mean you could act a certain way. Regardless of the item or price, each drop has an item people look at and are trying to buy. High value brands are never ending and are adjusting to the new world.