LA Fashion Week Returns

Demobaza at LA Fashion Week 2022


Photo Credit: Mia Alvarez

Models walked the runway at the LAFW DEMOBAZA which focused on clothing that had a minimalistic and futuristic look for the designers, Demo and Tato, on Sunday, Oct. 9, 2022. All the wardrobe was designed to express the concept of deconstructed clothing.

LA Fashion Week Returns 

Demobaza at LA Fashion Week 2022


LA Fashion Week (LAFW) has come to an end, and its final show was nothing short of impressive. Demobaza presented their new spring and summer 2023 collection. 


Demobaza is a Bulgarian high-fashion clothing brand. Designers Demo and Tono  created it in 2007. It began as an online boutique for deconstructed jeans and other statement pieces. The brand has a a unique futuristic look that gives post-apocalyptic street-wear vibes. 


The venue was a studio location in Hollywood. It was a traditional runway show with stunning models and an incredible collection. Projectors ran alongside the runway displaying a lookbook video of the collection in a desert. That, alongside the daunting background music, perfectly set the ambiance for the show. 


Guests in attendance also dressed impeccably. Aspiring designers and influencers from many different cities like New York and Nashville were there for LA Fashion Week’s final show on October 9th. Some of the guests were also sporting Demobaza and wearing it with their own personal sense of style. 


When asked about the event, one of the guests said they felt the collection was reminiscent of something you would see in the “Mad Max” film series. Given the brand’s previous collaboration with “Dune,” another post- apocalyptic sci-fi film with very distinct costume designs, one can easily see the comparison. 

Another guest emphasized how much the women’s designs impressed her. She described how much she liked the use of texture in contrast to a very neutral color pallet. While she enjoyed the men’s looks, The women’s designs pleasantly surprised her.


The goal of this year’s LA Fashion Week was to break boundaries and rid designers of certain restrictions while still maintaining the elegance and richness that is high fashion. That is exactly what Demobaza gave with its brand new spring and summer 2023 collection.