“Entergalactic”: A Review of Kid Cudi’s Latest Album

“Entergalactic,” Kid Cudi’s eighth studio album, includes 15 tracks with a 46-minute listening time. “Entergalactic” is full of mellow and chill vibes, a real work of creativity that is worth listening to on repeat. Before the release of “Entergalactic,” Cudi released “Willing To Trust” to give fans a sample of what’s to be expected. 

The Music

After listening to Cudi’s album multiple times, you can easily find yourself replaying songs and getting lost in each one. Just like any other album, some songs stand out the most compared to others in the same album. Some of my favorites include “She’s Lookin’ For Me,” “Willing To Trust,”“Somewhere to Fly,” “Do What I Want,” and “Ignite The Love.”

The Meaning

There can be many interpretations of Cudi’s album, but this is what I believe after listening to the lyrics of each song. From my understanding, it feels as though Cudi is describing finding one true love through his song titles and lyrics. This makes “Entergalactic” a concept album because of Kid Cudi’s meaningful lyrics. Besides finding love, I also believe that the idea of living in the moment is something that Kid Cudi wants listeners to understand.

Overall Review

“Entergalactic” is a great album and worth a listen, whether on repeat or just once. The mellow vibes throughout the album create a relaxing environment while listening, making you want to listen on repeat. If “Entergalactic” does end up being Kid Cudi’s last studio album, he released a fantastic album to end his career.