Ukraine Holds Strong Against Russian Onslaught

The Conflict Escalates

The Ukrainian people have held off the Russian Army with the support of much of the free world; However, Putin has put his nuclear missiles on high alert in response to worldwide uproar over his actions. A 40 mile long convoy of Russian Vehicles and artillery travels to join the attack on Ukraine’s capitol Kyiv. Tense talks between Ukrainian and Russian delegates continue on the border of the two nations transpiring until Mar 1. 

On February 27, a ballistic missle fired from Belarus hit Ukraine; an ominous sign of their entry in the war on the side of Russia. Belarus has also announced they will allow Russia to launch nuclear missiles from its soil if necessary.

Ukraine Holds Firm

Despite initial losses the Ukrainians have put up stiffer resistance than anyone expected. Military officials have claimed to have already caused thousands of Russian casualties including hundreds of armored vehicles and aircraft. Many Russian tanks, some built in the 1970’s, have broken down before even firing a shot in anger. 

The Ukrainian people have fight vigorously for freedom from Russia with many acts of heroism already coming to light. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky banned all 18-60-year-old men from leaving the country and await conscription into the armed forces. The former sitcom actor has refused multiple opportunities to flee Ukraine and vows to stand and fight alongside his countrymen to the death. The 21st century’s first fighter ace the “Ghost of Kyiv” has so far shot down ten enemy aircraft so far. One video shows an aging Ukrainian man removing live land mines from a road with his bare hands and throwing them in the Forest. A group of 13 Ukrainian border guards, who came under bombardment after telling a Russian warship to “ go F*** (it)self”, initially believed to have perished are now believed to be prisoners of war. 

Ukraine pleads for EU membership on an emergency basis because of the invasion. In response, Putin has made ranting speeches berating the world for supporting the Ukrainian people, referring to them as “neo Nazis” and “drug addicts.”

Russia’s Economy Suffers

President Joe Biden has also announced the barring of Russia from one of the largest secure international banking systems, SWIFT, which would stop Russia from completing transactions with other nations. The economic impacts are already apparent in Russia with the Ruble’s value already falling by 30%. 

Many western based companies such as Apple and oil moguls such as Shell and BP have cut ties with Russia. Some Russian oligarchs have already begun calling on the invasion to stop as it is hurting their revenue.

Foreign Volunteers

Although no foreign armies allied to Ukraine are currently in combat, some individual soldiers are. Zelensky has pleaded for help in all forms, including foreign volunteers to fight for Ukraine in it’s newly formed “international brigade.” He said in a statement, “”This will be the key evidence of your support for our country.” Those known to have joined so far are a group of at least six former US Special Forces members, sixty volunteers from the United Kingdom, and a large number from Israel. Those who wish to volunteer can sign up at any Ukrainian embassy or visit .