Weekly Horoscopes: December 6-12


This week, think about what is important to you. You have many priorities. But one priority must stand above all. Decide what your main priority is. Once you do, focus on it and complete that priority. Completing this will give you a sense of relief. 


This week you will come to realize that you may think you don’t have everything to begin a project. But if you take a closer look, you actually have all the resources to begin this. Think about starting this project with a partner, it will help speed up the process.


This week you might be worried about money or some kind of financial issues.This issue is stressing you out. Deal with this problem to avoid any stress and stop putting it off. Save yourself the stress and face your issue.


This week you may feel guilty about something you said to someone. You can’t control how others interpret your words. Don’t feel bad you didn’t do it on purpose. Explain yourself nicely and things will clear up.


This week your focus is living in the moment and going with the flow. You have goals but in order to achieve them you have to put in the work. You can’t expect things to work out how you want them to if you’re not doing anything to make it happen.


This week expect some conflict with someone close to you. This can be a lover, a family member, or even a co-worker. The thing is you don’t often show your appreciation for this person. Therefore be very respectful and choose your words carefully when approaching them.


This week is the perfect time to make improvements in your life. This can be related to your overall health or even to build a routine. Start off by meditating every day and slowly add more activities into your day. 


This week you will come to notice that something was left unsaid in an argument you had in the past. Something is weighing you down, you keep thinking about what you wish you shouldve said. There is no point in that, the past is the past. It’s important to move on.


This week you will have the opportunity to achieve a goal of yours. This opportunity should give you hope and a glimpse of what your future can look like. Remember that in order to improve you need to put in some work in order to see results.


This week having patience is important. Someone in your life is extremely difficult to deal with. If you get upset and react it will only cause more problems. Don’t take this situation too serious. Remember you are the one in control.


This week it is important to move accordingly. There is an  opportunity opening up in your career-life. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity. This can define how your career goes. 


This week it is important to go with the flow. Be flexible with your time; it defines how successful your week will go. Smile through all the disappointments or delays you may face during the week. Remain a positive mindset and don’t let anything get to you