Supreme Court to Review Mississippi Law on Abortions’

On Monday May 17, 2021 the Supreme Court agreed to hear arguments in a huge abortion case in Mississippi. This case could perhaps roll back the limits on abortion laws made by the most memorable reproductive rights case Roe v. Wade. The case will be the first major abortion dispute to test the three of the former President Trump’s appointees to top the court. Which includes its newest member as well, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. This is a law that is very controversial throughout the states in America and the state of Mississippi is no exception. 

The Justices

Justices announced that they would take a case that was filed in 2019, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. This Mississippi law bans most controversial abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy’s. This law includes with no exceptions for rape or incest. The Dobbs v. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization case was nearly halted by a legal challenge under Roe. The same case that legalized abortions nationwide almost five decades ago. States can’t ban apportion before the fetus is able to live outside the uterus. This usually happens around 24 weeks of pregnancy. The court will hear the case in it’s terms in the first couple of weeks of October, a decision is predicted to come in July 2022.

State of Mississippi

The State of Mississippi is asking Justices to reexamine the viability standard which prevents states from adequately defending maternal health and potential life. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization had urged the top court that they shouldn’t take the case. Although the Supreme Court agreed to take the case anyway, it is a sign that at least four of the nine justices would want to revisit Roe. Justices say that they would be examining weather states should allow to ban abortion preceding to fetal viability. Which means that justices would be weighing weather to strike Roe’s key protection. 

Similar Case in ’92

In the 1992 case, it was ruled by the Supreme Court in a 5 – 4 decision to uphold several Pennsylvania restrictions. This case ultimacy reaffirmed Roe however it created a new legal standard for courts appraise states abortion restrictions. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks abortion restrictions have stated eight states have passed laws to ban abortions’. The same eight states ban adoration at just six weeks, before many know they are pregnant.

This is a topic that looks like it won’t be going away for years to come. The war over abortions’ has been going on for decades, and it seems it won’t end anytime soon.