Women’s Softball: Rio Hondo lost their final home game against LA Harbor

Jesus Marquez, Reporter

Rio Hondo Women’s softball team played their last home game and lost versus the LA Harbor Seahawks 4-2 at the Rio Hondo softball field on Monday, April 22.

The Roadrunners wanted to finish their last home game with a victory. But, LA Harbor wanted more in the first inning. The Seahawks took the lead by scoring an early run without hesitation and started to take their chances against the home side.

During the match, Rio Hondo had problems catching the ball in the air making the other team reach the bases comfortably. The ladies from Rio responded well defensively after the mistakes they committed in the first inning.

LA Harbor were concentrating offensively by trying to make contact with the ball and running towards first and second base. Rio Hondo pitcher Madeline Peralta was under performing on the mound by throwing a bad mix of pitches.

In the second, third and, fourth innings, both teams performed well in their positioning, but they had bad moments grabbing the ball.

The match remained tedious, but not for long. Rio Hondo surprised the other team by showing fight and desire in the fifth inning. The Seahawks didn’t expect a comeback from Rio Hondo as Azucena Enriquez singled with an RBI. Miranda Fernandez and her teammate Alyssa Medrano reached home base minutes later.

Great Comeback For LA Harbor

The ladies from Rio played outstanding in the sixth inning temporarily, but they weren’t able to finish. Peralta was under performing once again by throwing the ball softly at her rivals. The Seahawks made an incredible comeback by hitting a superb home run thanks to Alaysia Pagaling. Her teammates Andrea Trejo and Oaulenei Tofaeono reached home base with a smile on their face.

“I think the pitcher may have felt a little bit of the pressure,” said Bianca Urquidi the head coach of Rio Hondo softball team. “The batters made an adjustment to what she was doing and gave us really key hits.”

This season was not on their side for the Lady Roadrunners. But, they have young squad ready to show urgency next year. With one conference game remaining, they have one more opportunity to beat East Los Angeles College Huskies for an away game on April. 23.