Wake Up Mr. West, Mr. West

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor

Americans, unbeknownst even to Wall Street, place a lot of stock into what their celebrities have to say. Why we tend to gather our opinions and allegiances from the words of others is something I’ll never know the answer to, though I can recognize that there exists a class of actions so obscene that they couldn’t even be considered the most progressive of art. One of these, and perhaps the most harmful of all is the reckless inclusion of a political agenda for the purpose of marketing entertainment to the masses.


As an advocate for objective progress to be made on this Earth, and art connoisseur no matter the medium, I find Kanye West to be a figure whose genius and cultural impact is undeniable. With that being said, without a doubt has he begun to embark on a headfirst trip into the depths of depravity.


His newest debauchery of words and sentiments (because quite frankly they appear as nothing more than muddled letters sleazily inter-sexed with no other meaning than to capitalize upon the need for attention), no matter how well-wishing and in advocation for reconciliation they are purported to be, is indecency. Indecency solely because of the hypocrisy they indicate. Mr. West harnesses his Intuition well, about as much as carelessly crass rich who thrust their dollar bills into the wishing well in the hope of attaining nothing but more riches and reputation. It is our country’s perverse regard for celebrity that has allowed for Mr. West’s rants to fall on gullible ears and be planted in malleable minds.


The Kardashian Klan of sorts, in all its grandeur with its rabble-rousing roster, makes me think what of our society if these are the public champions we elect? Mr. West has overstepped the bounds of that cool composure he once had and demonstrated for the first time in my eyes that he and all his allegiances function as personifications of self-conscious avarice. His beautiful dark twisted fantasy has, at last, become a realistic threat.  


In some odd way, I can understand his manic ingenuity. I get it truly if you can hijack the plane with a butterknife you deserve the plane no? While yes you may, it pays to humble yourself as coming to terms with the understanding that you’ve never truly been ingenious as the only tool of compliance you were able to fashion was a butterknife in the first place.


The same could be said of Mr. West’s purposefully false flag rhetoric as he flip-flops between stances and has resorted to the perpetration of the very political things he once denounced. Mr. West, as a celebrity, for all intents and purposes, has decided to market his album whilst trolling the world in its entirety. A harmful and cowardly act if you ask me.


So please, for the sake of those young children whose minds are impressionable and don’t warrant your bias, wake up Mr. West Mr. West, by yourself and with none of your newest reckless shenanigans are we, the American people impressed.