Student Speakout: Best Advice to give yourself prior to coming to RHC



What is the best advice you would give yourself prior to coming to Rio Hondo College if you could?


Jacob Beltran, 19

“Take high school more seriously.”


Esteban Alvarez, 25

“I would have told myself to never give up on my dreams and to stay in school.”


Jc Boresoff, 27

“See a good counselor, not to make the mistake to take classes randomly without knowing what your major is and register for the classes you actually need.”


Carolina Benito, 19

“I would tell myself that Rio Hondo is a great college to go to and to actually go there.”


Arturo Lbarra, 28

“Be prepared to manage your time good and meet deadlines.”


Denise Luna, 19

“Stay motivated and keep on track.”