Missing Rio Hondo Student

Missing Rio Hondo StudentRio Hondo Student, Magdalena Ruiz, 19, went missing on Friday, Feb. 22 from Rio Hondo College. Sources are giving conflicting reports as to whether she was waiting for the tram or was down the hill waiting for the bus.

Her mother Laura Santiago became concerned when Ruiz did not return from school that day, something unusual from Ruiz since their communication is very solid.

Sources say Ruiz was waiting for the tram when campus security realized she was in need of help. They took her to the nurse’s office where she was then transferred to College Hospital in Cerritos. According to Santiago, her motherly intuition pushed her to make missing person flyers, posted them everywhere around campus and other locations, went to local news stations and posted Ruiz’ missing information on social medias.

After three long days, Santiago learned about Ruiz’ whereabouts. Ruiz is currently in the hospital, her condition is still not stable. According to the family, doctors have not allowed them to see their daughter because her condition is unstable. As of when will Ruiz will return to classes is still unknown.

Santiago would like to thank the Rio Hondo College community for helping locate her daughter.

Santiago has told El Paisano that Ruiz is being evaluated at a psychiatric hospital with the Schizophrenia Disorder she has been facing for the last seven years. Ruiz may be released in four to five days.