Is The New MLB Pitch Clock a Good Idea?


Photo Credit: Robert Jimenez

Seattle Mariners pitcher Logan Gilbert Warming up in the pen.

Going into the 2023 season, MLB has implemented one of the most significant rule changes, possibly changing baseball as we know it.

Back in 2015 MLB announced the introduction of the pitch clock to the minor leagues. It wasn’t until several years later in September of 2022 that they announced the introduction of the rule to the major league level. 

For example, in last Saturday’s Braves versus Red Sox game, batter Cal Conley experienced a rule violation. It was the bottom of the ninth inning, tied game, bases loaded, full count, and Conley was setting up for the pitch when the timer hit eight seconds. The umpire then awarded pitcher Robert Kwiatkowski strike three, ending the game at a draw. Conley then jogged down to first, thinking the pitcher violated the time clock by taking too long to deliver the pitch.

The Los Angeles Angels and Seattle Mariners also experienced the rule change when they played a complete nine-inning game in just two hours and 16 minutes. Almost a whole hour shorter than the average game.


The new pitch timer is expected to speed up the game. Pitchers have twenty seconds to pitch the ball. The batter must be in the box before the timer displays eight seconds. A ball or strike will be added to the count depending on who violates the time.

When asking baseball fans how they felt about this new rule, they were definitely not happy with it. Angels fan Pete Soto answered, “Personally, I don’t like the new rule at all. I think it only benefits pitchers allowing them to set the pace of the game”. Another fan who wanted to remain anonymous said “Real baseball fans appreciate the long games because they know the mental game going on too. Speeding up the game just isn’t fun and takes away the mental aspect”.

In baseball, pitchers are taught to set the pace and  control the game. However, batters are taught not to let pitchers do that and take their time throwing pitchers out of their groove.


Some believe that MLB implemented the rule to please fans and get them to stay the whole game and spend more money. Often people show up to the games, post a few pictures, and leave early because the games last up to three hours on average. According to statista all games from 2000 to 2022 average out to be three hours and three minutes long.

MLB wants to try and stop spectators from leaving. They want them to stay for the whole game and spend more money, whether it’s on concession stands or merchandise. By shortening games fans will hopefully lose less interest and not leave games early.