West Covina Sportsplex Renovation Project

The city of West Covina began its highly anticipated renovation project of the West Covina Sportsplex in March of 2022. 

What was once Big League Dreams, the city of West Covina bought the property in December of last year. Plans for the Sportsplex include refurbishment of all six fields and new restaurants set to open in July. 

Community Services Coordinator Steve Zaragoza is a coordinator of the project and is ready to get the complex open soon.

“What stood out instantly was the poor conditions of all six fields and the sportsplex offices,” Zaragoza said. “Thankfully, our previous project allowed us to form relationships with a team of professionals and allowed us to form our renovation project here at the Sportsplex.”  

At the end of this project, every field will have 150 tons of new infield mix and completely renovated arcs. The use of laser leveling and planting new sod have already begun on two fields. 

Last month, the Sportsplex hosted the city’s first annual Spring Festival and it was a huge success. Zaragoza and his team of staff are very proud of the turn out that the event had, “Considering we were only given six weeks to put it [Spring Festival] together, I think we really hit it out of the park,” Zaragoza said.

The Spring Festival offered over 150 vendors, carnival rides, live entertainment, and even a beer garden. Due to the successful turnout, the city of West Covina sees this event as a staple in a rotation of special events during the year. 

What’s Next?

Zaragoza and his team at the Sportsplex are now providing baseball and softball fields for reservation only. Starting in May, an adult softball program will kick off the first competitive games that the new Sportsplex will host. 

“We strongly believe that the Sportsplex has tremendous potential,” Zaragoza said. “Were excited for the near future.”

The renovation project that started in March, will run through the end of July with new fields and restaurants set to open for tournaments and special events.