Sergio “Kun” Aguero Moves to Blaugrana in the Summer

With summer coming soon, some inevitable and shocking trades have been made. While Sergio Ramos leaving Real Madrid, Lionel Messi appears to stay with Barcelona. Although Messi is continuing his career with Blaugrana, he will not be alone. Rumor has it that an old friend will be joining the team. It has been confirmed that Sergio “Kun” Aguero is leaving Manchester City and joining Barcelona on a two year contract until 2023.

Aguero’s Journey in Barcelona

Being the all-time lead scorer for Manchester City, Aguero is ready to depart for new adventures. Serving for city for 10 years, Aguero’s contract will expire after his last game with city at the Champion League Final. Although gaining multiple offers including Chelsea, Aguero decides to leave his English life behind. Not only he will be transferring as a Catalan player, but also reuniting with his best friend and godfather to his son, Leo Messi. While both played for their country, the Argentines will have their first experience playing at the same club. With Suarez abrupt leave in 2020, Barcelona had trouble adjusting their offense.

With a star striker to play alongside Messi, it is difficult to find the chemistry. While current Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman attempts to create balance with Antoine Griezmann, it did not suffice. As trials and errors were made, fans and the team hope Aguero’s move will assist Barcelona in climbing back up. As Kun Aguero’s English journey ends, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola gives a tearful goodbye to the player. While not being able to start most of the season, Guardiola gives a sorrowful thank you to the Argentine player. “We love him so much. He’s a special person for all of us. We can’t replace him” former Barcelona manager expresses to Sky Sports after their big win. With a bittersweet goodbye, many soccer fans anticipate Sergio “Kun” Aguero’s appearance in a red and blue jersey.