WSL: Manchester City vs. Everton

23-year-old Keira Walsh (R) has been playing for Manchester City since 2014. Walsh also played for England’s Women’s U-17 national team and was added to their senior team in 2017. She also participated in England’s SheBelieves Cup win in 2019.

Mimi Castellanos / El Paisano Media

23-year-old Keira Walsh (R) has been playing for Manchester City since 2014. Walsh also played for England’s Women’s U-17 national team and was added to their senior team in 2017. She also participated in England’s SheBelieves Cup win in 2019.

As Alex Morgan goes back to Orlando Pride, USWNT players Rose Lavelle, Sam Mewis and Abby Dahlkemper continue in Europe. On Sunday March 7, Manchester City went against Everton. While Lavelle and Dahlkemper are substitutions, Mewis makes a comeback from an ankle injury. With Manchester City winning their last four games, Everton is in for a treat to obtain their spot in the top five. With many international players, including United States coming to play for Europe’s FA Cup, the UK’s Women’s Soccer League could gain more attention and strength than before.

First Half Fire

Everton start off the match with a long ball into Man. City territory. 6’ in, City makes their attempt forward. Lucy Bronze (20) does a quick 1-2 connection to Chloe Kelley (9) wide. Kelley passes back to Bronze as she looks to Mewis (22) for an option. USWNT player receives the short pass back attempting a cross into box but was denied by Everton’s defender, Danielle Turner (3). With a step too slow, Everton takes possession, counterattacking towards goal. Turner makes her run down the line looking for an option inside to box. With her guard down, Kelley swoops in making a clean tackle securing possession once again for the “Sky Blues.”

As the minutes pass, Bronze and Kelley favor the right side attacking. With many 1-2 passes down the line, they are constantly blocked by Everton. Everton possessing from the back, defender Gabrielle George (6) creeps up forward down the line. George and defender Megan Finnigan (20) create a fast wall pass away from the sideline and a through ball to French player and forward Valerie Gauvin (19) but miscommunication won this play. 20’, Manchester City gets their first corner of the match. Sending the corner kick high into the box, Everton’s defense redirects is out of their box with a header. Former Man. City player Izzy Christiansen (8) quickly makes a touch to her Everton teammate clearing it away. With strong possession, City aggressively pressures.

The Force of Manchester City

25’ a free kick is awarded to City. Six-time WSL goal scorer Caroline Wier (19) steps up to the plate. Her kick hits the five-man wall. The ball spins backwards into the box as Mewis anticipates the bounce. The American stretches to get a touch away from the Everton keeper but passes the open goal. Five minutes later, Bronze collects the ball, speeding down the sideline. Making a cross, keeper Ellie Roebuck (26) punches it away from her space. With no hesitation, Midfielder Kiera Walsh (24) maintains connection to Mewis. Mewis dribbles forward picking her head up and attempts a shot outside of the 18-yard box, going far right from the goal. Time flying, Manchester City remains in high pressure as Everton hold their defense in a strong position. With three minutes overtime and an unsuccessful cross from Manchester City, first half finishes remaining 0-0.

A Swift Second Start

With a surprising first half, Everton keeps their defense focus as the Sky Blues look for their match point. 67’, Manchester City builds their way from defense to midfield. Walsh distributes a clean through ball to forward Ellen White (18). White makes a breakaway as she shoots too far left going out of bounce. shortly after, City’s captain Stephanie Houghton (6) makes her 200th appearance in today’s match, sending a strong chip into the box. Forward Lauren Hemp (15) anticipates the ball. She attempts a bicycle kick skimming the outside top left corner. 76’, Everton has their second corner. Christiansen kick gets redirected outside of the penalty area. Midfielder Hailey Raso (16) comes from behind and slams the ball for a shot right into Manchester City defense.

80’, captain Houghten sends a wide ball towards Hemp. Hemp collects and dribbles down the sideline. As she approaches the box, she makes a sharp outside cut. Looking for an option, she checks back to Walsh. Walsh makes a first touch shot, placing her goal on the low left corner. Manchester City is in the lead 1-0. Fired up, the Sky Blues continue to take chances. Yearning for more, City attempts another point. From midfield connecting to Kelley, she dribbles into the 18-yard box, curving her shot straight to the keeper. With four minutes of stoppage time left, Manchester patiently keeps possession. 93’ Everton gets their last chance and corner for a point. Corner kick flies into the box, but Manchester clears it out of the half. As the final whistle blows, Manchester City keeps at second place between Chelsea and Manchester United, winning this match 1-0.