Writer/Director Kevin Smith Suffers “Massive Heart Attack”


Glendale Fire and Rescue arrived outside the Alex Theatre shortly after Kevin Smith was scheduled to perform. Fans waited to see Smith off, wishing him well.

Michael Khuraibet, Digital Editor-in-Chief

Kevin Smith, writer and director of such films as “Clerks,” was taken to the hospital late Sunday night. Smith was preparing to film his new standup special, “Kevin Smith Live!” at the Alex Theatre in Glendale.

Shortly after 9:00pm, when the show was scheduled to begin, an unnamed employee from the Alex came out to inform the audience that Smith was not feeling well enough to perform. He told the audience, “I know you were expecting a comedy show, but we’re not kidding.”

Officials at the Alex attributed Smith’s sudden illness to food poisoning. He had already completed one taping that night. They apologized to the audience, saying that if a new show is scheduled, they would be first to receive tickets.

Ambulances arrived shortly after the audience was released from the theatre. Some fans decided to wait outside to show Smith their support.

Smith himself, though unwell, was in good spirits. When brought out by Glendale paramedics, he apologized profusely for disappointing his fans. He thanked his fans once again for coming out, before being taken away.

UPDATE 6:55am: Kevin Smith tweeted early Monday morning that he had a “massive heart attack”. “The Doctor who saved my life told me I had a 100% blockage of my LAD artery (aka ‘the Widow-Maker’), ” he tweeted.

Smith noted in the tweet that if he hadn’t cancelled his show, he would’ve died, but is “still above ground.”

Smith later posted in greater detail his condition on his Facebook page. While being held at Glendale Adventist Medical Center, doctors inserted a stint to relieve the blockage. Smith joked in the post that, “maybe it’s time to go Vegan.”

As Smith was going through the ordeal, he described being “filled with a sense of calm”. “…I faced my greatest fear tonight… and it wasn’t as bad as I’ve always imagined it’d be,” Smith said. “I don’t want my life to end but if it ends, I can’t complain. It was such a gift.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Smith was being treated at Glendale Memorial Hospital. Smith has since confirmed via Facebook live stream that he is at Glendale Adventist Medical Center.