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RHC Wins At State Journalism Conference

All 15 Winners at the collective state competitions.

All 15 Winners at the collective state competitions.

Roberto Chavez

Roberto Chavez

All 15 Winners at the collective state competitions.

Zackary Mejia, Managing Editor

It was a triumphant spring break weekend for El Paisano Newspaper editors, staff, and members of the Journalism Communications and Public Relations (JCPR) club after winning over a dozen awards from the Journalism Association of Community Colleges’ statewide conference. While attending the three-day conference in Sacramento, El Paisano competed in a number of on-the-spot contests that consisted of different fields of reportage: print writing, photography, video production, and the use of social media. Several of the students attributed the paper’s exceptional success at this year’s JACC conference to the new direction that advisor, Wendy Carrera, is taking.

”Professor Carrera has been an instrumental driving force in reinvigorating the journalism program,” said Diego Crespo, El Paisano’s editor in chief. “Without her courage and convictions, the newspaper would not be where it is today. And the potential is still limitless.”

This was Crespo’s final JACC competition, and he ended his amateur writing career on a high note, with a first place win in Critical Review for his critique of the film “Jackie,” and a third place win for newspaper layout.

Carrera succeed former advisor, John Francis, after he retired last spring. She has since been able to acquire El Paisano’s newsroom new equipment and expanded Rio Hondo’s broadcasting program.

“I believe in teamwork, hardwork, and success. I couldn’t have done this alone. It was genuinely an entire campus collaboration. From the facilities team, to campus administrators, to I.T,  and let me not forget accounting, deans from other departments, marketing dept, and the one person who will forever be my hidden superhero….Janice.” I am indebted to all that helped me transition into this position in such a short period of time and made the necessities readily available to the students,” said Carrera. Without this help it would have been difficult to transition.

El Paisano was able to secure two awards in the broadcasting medium. Eric Muñoz and Malissa Myers, both JACC first time competitors, took third place in video story for their coverage on the effect the flooded rivers had on the influx of homelessness in downtown Sacramento. Muñoz procured another third place win for video story in the publication contest, where teams submit published work from the last year to be judged.

During the award ceremony, Muñoz’s elation could not be contained. When receiving his award, he hollered praise across the grand ballroom to El Paisano, and encouraged people to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Muñoz didn’t just see this award as a personal victory, but also as validation to the work the El Paisano staff has done, “The whole time I was worried about winning an award. When I finally won third place, I felt more proud of my team and the work we had produced than the number of accolades we had.”   

Among the other first time competing students, Ramon Alvarado was a standout competitor, receiving an honorable mention for his work in Sports Writing, and a third place win in Social Media.

Several of the El Paisano’s editors were also recognized at the event for their achievement in excellence in maintaining and improving El Paisano newspaper-print, digital, and broadcasting editions.

While a few staff members will be leaving El Paisano this spring, Carrera and the editorial board are confident in the talents and workmanship that the new writers displayed at JACC.

“We had a ‘rookie’ team and we did it! I am eager to grow and to see what next year has in store for us,” said Carrera.

“Setting the bar high is always a great accomplishment. Maintaining it is something else. Let’s hope our writers, editors, photographers, videographers, publishers, and all of the above learn to love the craft as much as we all do, because in the end, I believe it’s the love of the craft that creates winners,” said Carrera.

Winning  List:

Ramon Alvarado

Honorable Mention Sports Writing

3rd place Social Media

Eric Muñoz

3rd place Webcast/Broadcast News

Achievement in Excellence Award for News Director for El Paisano Broadcast

3rd place Video Story

Diego Crespo

1st place Critical Review

Achievement in Excellence Award for Editor in Chief of El Paisano

3rd Place-News Judgement/Broadsheet

Noah Garcia

Achievement in Excellence Award for Editorial ship for El Paisano

Malissa Myers

Achievement in Excellence Award for Editor in Chief of El Paisano Digital

3rd place Video Story

Diana Juarez

4th place Opinion Writing

Zackary Mejia

2nd place Critical Review

Pete Escobar

4th place News Judgement/Layout Tabloid

Aaron Martinez

4th place Sports Photo



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RHC Wins At State Journalism Conference