Art Guild’s Chalk Walk Brightens the Floor of the L- Tower


A student draws one of her favorite cartoon characters with chalk.

Angelo Torres, Co- Editor- in- Chief

Art Guild hosted a Chalk Walk beneath the L-Tower October 21. Participating students and Art Guild members had the opportunity to compete with their fellow artists, their work was judged at the end of the event.

Over 15 pieces of work were completed by late afternoon, some completed after the end of the competition. The theme of the Chalk Walk was ‘Brainstorm,’ allowing students free range to express themselves in their work. Students drew inspiration from comics, cartoons, and even musicians they enjoyed.

Up to 20 students were allowed a four foot by four foot surface of concrete to complete their art pieces. Students were also provided with pastels and sponges to stylize their work, and were allowed to keep their supplies after the event.

Students, in addition to the art supplies, were also given a free art demonstration by professor and judge, Ron Reeder. Following the demonstration, students had just over five hours to complete their work.

President of Art Guild, Rudy Zaragoza, explained that Art Guild decided to host the event in order to both promote the club, and to promote art activities on campus.

“We have a lot of artists who may be pursuing [the arts] as their major, they may [be] interested in it as a hobby, and we are trying to foster that,” Zaragoza says.
Non-Art Guild members participating in the event were required to pay five dollars, however the Chalk Walk was not exclusively a fundraising event. The club spent $175 of club funds on food, art supplies, and prizes, and much of the money was not refunded. However, the president of Art Guild argues the event was an investment in the students and the arts.

“This is an expensive event, however, I think it’s money well spent,” Zaragoza explains. “[The money is] given back to artists and the students who are interested in the arts and are involved.”

First prize winner, Art student Victoria Corona, won a $50 gift card to Dick Blick Art Materials. President Zaragoza and Marina Mireles tied for second. Both students received a $25 gift card to the same art store.

“This is the first time I worked with pastel, so it was really challenging. It took all my previous art experience to make this work,” Corona comments. She added that her piece, depicting a Chimpanzee drawing, was especially difficult because she has had trouble with drawing hands.

Samantha Santos, Art History major and Twenty One Pilots fan, referenced the band’s single ‘Stress Out’ in her work, reflecting the frustration and stress she had felt during midterms earlier this semester.

“I wanted to be able to show off my creativity, and show off my art, and basically show what I feel sometimes as a college student,” Santos says. She went on to say that the event helped her “immensely” in relieving much of the stress she spoke about.

Art students were not the only ones to benefit from this event. Kristina Romo, engineering major also participated in the event, completed an image in ode to the nutritional benefits of milk, even taking time after the end of the competition to complete her work.

“I came just to destress. I thought it’d be fun, and it [was] fun,” Romo exclaims. “You just pick up some chalk and have at it.”

As of October 24, the Chalk Walk participants works are still available under the L-Tower. Students with further questions or interests in the Art Guild can contact Ron Reeder and the Art Guild for further information.