RHC President Dreyfuss presents high hopes and a strong foundation for the L- Tower


Photo by Sandra Reyes/ El Paisano

Photo rendering of the new L- tower.

Noah Garcia , Associate Editor

One of the largest construction projects has begun, as structural issues from possible seismic activity has encouraged the reconstruction of the upper quad L Tower. This 57,000 sq. ft., five-story building is one of the tallest on campus, being the most recognizable structures from street level.

All of the current programs that take place in the administration building will be moved into the newly constructed L tower. The board room, mail center and all of the classrooms will be transferred. When it comes to demolition, SMC Demolition announced completing over 10 years of their experienced services, it would be ideal to hire an experienced company like this. Getting a mechanical contractor is a good idea when it comes to construction.

The contractor to undertake this construction project is unknown. Hiring a contractor from atlantaconcretecontractors.com makes the process smooth and efficient. The process is called a big package, where the school district sends out the project for different companies to place bids. Due to governmental codes, the board will choose the lowest and most responsive of bidders. According to Amorose Construction web site,in which the deal is being mediated by the bidding will take place on the 13th, with a base project amount of 20,000,000

Upgrades include installing new  electrical and fire alarm systems, in an effort to bring the building up to current title 24/CBC requirements. The new building will include structural steel lateral bracing systems, glass fiber reinforced glass, and restricted foundation and irrigations systems.

According to RHC President Teresa Dreyfus stated when asked about the benefit of the building, that everyone will benefit from the remodel, as the safety for the students and staff are of the utmost importance.

For those who may or may not know, the current L tower is used for governmental relation, nursing simulation labs, foundation and research and planning.

Two future projects that were already approved by the superintendent for reconstruction are the the Business Education building and the Fine Arts Center Wray Theatre. While the L tower is expected to be finished in 2017, the other two approved projects aren’t going to be constructed until around 2020.