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El Paisano

Apex Arrives Dropping In on the BR Genre

February 18, 2019

Filed under A&E, Science & Tech

Apex Legends, the latest attempt at the highly overcrowded battle royale game type dropped last week. Out of nowhere it saw, came, and attracted a populace that right now doesn't seem to be able to slow down. Within less than a week Apex had at least 25 million players playing the game in its launch...

“Kingdom Hearts 3” to Feature Original Voice Actor

“Kingdom Hearts 3” to Feature Original Voice Actor

Jaime Aparicio, Arts and Entertainment Editor

October 3, 2018

Filed under A&E

After a 13 year wait since the last numbered installment, the "Kingdom Hearts" franchise is finally having a proper sequel next Spring. Actor Hayley Joel Osment, now 30 years old, is confirmed to return to voice the main character Sora. Other main characters such as Riku and Kairi have yet to have their...

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