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Disney+ Streaming Service Coming this Fall

April 15, 2019

Disney will produce Disney+ this November. Which will be their own streaming service. Price sets will be at 6.99 per month or 69.99 a year. In addition, it will be free of ads. It will include Star...

Donald Glover Maintains Pop Culture Dominance

Glover is set to star in the new Spiderman film, as well as an animated Deadpool series.
May 17, 2017

Late last year was when Donald Glover popped back into the epicenter of entertainment in society. Glover has been making huge moves since the show he created, Atlanta, debuted on FX Network. Since Atlanta...

People Don’t Want Diversity?: Marvel Sales Drop

People Don't Want Diversity?: Marvel Sales Drop
May 2, 2017

Marvel’s vice president of sales, David Gabriel has faced criticism after saying that comic book sales were dropping because readers are not embracing the new diversity. In an interview with ICv2, Gabriel...

Han Solo: A scoundrel turned hero

In issue #1, Princess Leia assigned two undercover rebels to track down Solo and request the use in the deadly Dragon Void race. Of course, Solo declined.
October 19, 2016

Marvels Han Solo series has been an outstanding one so far. We’ve dug deeper into the iconic character we know and love from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies, and writer Marjorie Liu effectively...

Pan: You need to see it to believe it – Not in a good way

Pan: You need to see it to believe it – Not in a good way
October 14, 2015

Pan is burdened by an obligatory “chosen one” story and blatant prequel syndrome. Prequel syndrome is what happens when an original story decides to tie in every possible footnote from the popular...

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