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All Around Rio: What’s Love Got to Do?

May 12, 2019

Jake Laurell and Madelyn Gastelum Join in on a complicated topic, marriage. Views in marriage are drastically changing while the present generation is seeking a healthy relationship and ditching the traditions. What are your views on marriage and a healthy relationship? ...

Millennials Are Saying They Are Too Busy to Have Sex

A potential reason why younger generartions are lacking an inactive sex life is we’re just too busy. (Photo by Erika Suarez)

Vincent Franco, Reporter

November 21, 2018

Going through a dry spell? Keep striking out? Don’t feel alone, apparently, the entire millennial generation is going through the same and that's according to science.

A Room of Sanctuary in Rio’s Violence Intervention Program

Purple Signs and Hearts were laid out to guide students to the Domestic Violence Awareness Workshop. (Photo by Erika Suarez)

Erika Suarez, Digital Editor-in-Chief

November 16, 2018

Guided by purple hearts on the floor that led to the VIP (Violence Intervention Program), where sensitive topics were discussed.

This Is How You Know You’re Being Ghosted

Dating brings more complications with the term ghosting and is used as a way to break off a relationship.

Betsy Segura, Staff Writer

October 18, 2018

Urban Dictionary defines the term ghosted when someone you’re interested in, disappears without explanation. Being ignored by your significant other like they dropped off the face of the earth can be frustrating. But how do you know if they’re doing it on purpose? They start bailing on plan...

It’s All About Experience

Photo courtesy of galleryhip.com.

Danielle Anzures, A&E Editor

October 25, 2017

This phrase tends to be used as a rebuttal when debating whether if people should date someone older than themselves and to some extent it’s true. Age isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, as long as everyone in the relationship is consenting and of legal age, but issues can come later on....

The Issue with the Friend Zone Mentality

Photo courtesy of connectioninstitute.com.

Danielle Anzures, A&E Editor

October 11, 2017

"Friend Zone" is a phrase that is fairly new to the world first appearing in a Friends episode from the 90s. Despite its recent origins, the expression is fairly well-known and has inspired videos and memes revolving around the topic. The issue with the word is that it is often used as a way to shame...

Study Reveals Women Are More Likely to Lose Interest in Sex

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Danielle Anzures, Staff writer

September 17, 2017

While men and women will with time lose the spark in the bedroom science finds women lose the interest quicker. The study, published in BMJ Open, conducted the study with 4,839 British men and 6,669 British women aged 16-74 through a survey. With the survey, it was found out that 15% of men and 34%...

Verbal Abuse: A Silent Suffering

Marlene Espinoza, Staff Writer

May 15, 2017

Although relationships are based on communication with one another, disagreements can occur often. Some therapists may recommend discussing disputes, as the first step to a healthy relationship. But, what exactly determines a healthy relationship? Miscommunication between couples can either alter,...

RHC hosting Women Empowered meetings every Friday

RHC hosting Women Empowered meetings every Friday

Ryan Guerrero, Managing Editor

March 22, 2016

RHC is currently hosting Women Empowered meetings every Friday through the end of April. Facilitated by Dawn Glover, a graduate intern, each meeting will focus on topics ranging from self esteem and confidence, dating and hooking up, and healthy relationships. Other topics will include "Is Love...

Lost but not forgotten, welcome to ‘Tree Hill’

Lost but not forgotten, welcome to 'Tree Hill'

Ryan Guerrero, Arts & Entertainment Editor

November 3, 2015

*SPOILER ALERT* As we all know, TV shows come and go throughout history. Some are remembered for their longevity (Friends, Seinfeld, etc.) or their popularity (American Horror Story, Orange is the New Black, etc.), while others are short lived and hardly ever spoken about. After re-watching on Netflix an ...

Speak Out: Should student/teacher relationships be okay on a college level?

Speak Out: Should student/teacher relationships be okay on a college level?

Alexandra Del Salto, Staff Writer

September 25, 2015

“On a college level I guess it’s okay because by then students are adults. So you know what to do, what’s wrong, what’s right. If you want to tell other people, that should be your decision. I think its fine as long as they know how to handle it properly and the teacher is not biased....

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