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Identifying and Overcoming Procrastination

Cynthia, Reporter

February 19, 2019

Why Do We Procrastinate It’s 8 pm on a Sunday Night and your five-page paper is due at midnight, but you only have your name down. Why did you procrastinate and what went wrong? According to speaker Piers Steel, 95 percent of people procrastinate to a certain extent. One thing to keep in mind ...

5 Ways to Unplug From Social Media

Phones and technology in general have become an essential in our daily lives. We interact online for its conveniece and for the sake of busy schdules, but there is a time to destress and unplug from it. Lifehacks reccomends 5 ways to “unplug” from social media, and  for better and health. (Graphic by Erika Suarez)

Betsy Segura, Staff Writer

November 26, 2018

Finals are approaching quickly and you’re in the midst of a study session and inevitably,  your phone rings. It’s a notification from Twitter and now you are officially distracted. Thankfully, there are 5 ways to unplug from your social media accounts with some recommendations from Lifehack. Have an Agenda ...

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