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Why An Abled Actor Shouldn’t Play a Disabled Character

Danielle Anzures, Staff Writer

September 21, 2018

Filed under Opinion

In the modern day world, most people would be outraged if the role of a colored person was given to a white actor. In fact, we’ve seen cases of outrage at casting mistakes not even more than a couple of years ago. Films like Ghost in the Shell, Netflix’s Death Note, and Pan experienced backlash...

The FBI Agent In Your Webcam Is Not The Only Imaginary Entity To Fear

Dante Lopez- Bennett, Copy Editor

March 19, 2018

Filed under Opinion

I think that perhaps everybody’s scared. Can you truly say that tape has never been over your webcam? Today, webcams are now seen as invasive threats. Truly, if the FBI were Roko’s henchmen and a Basilisk anything but mythological, could hefty middle-aged men be watching our secrets? kept and archived?...

Why There Isn’t Much Coverage of the Syrian Civil War

Dante Lopez-Bennett, Copy Editor

March 12, 2018

Filed under Opinion

If I were to be the grandest architect of a scheme in which I Madoff with the spoils of war, I wouldn’t tell a soul. As if things were about to play out on stage, the curtains would remain closed so as to heighten the anticipation for all of those in attendance. As director of the newest newsworthy specta...

It’s All About Experience

It’s All About Experience

Danielle Anzures, A&E Editor

October 25, 2017

Filed under Opinion

This phrase tends to be used as a rebuttal when debating whether if people should date someone older than themselves and to some extent it’s true. Age isn’t necessarily a problem for everyone, as long as everyone in the relationship is consenting and of legal age, but issues can come later on....

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