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Stranger Things introduces new dangerous villain for Season 4

Written by Matthew Medina, Writer
Apr 19, 2022

The upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s Stranger Things is scheduled to premiere in two volumes, the first premiering on May 27th, 2022 and the second...

Streaming Services Hurt Movie Theaters

Written by Ryan Leon, Online Editor-in-Chief
Sep 22, 2021

As we continue to grapple with the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic, movie theaters are slowly making a comeback. In March 2020, movie theaters across the...

Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ Limited Series: TV Review

Written by Valeria Yanez
Sep 22, 2021

  Clickbait is a limited series that has reached the top 10 most viewed in the U.S. for Netflix. The series consists of eight episodes each being...

The Warren Cases

Written by Alyson Gonzalez, Print Editor in Chief
Apr 7, 2021

Story Behind The Conjuring Franchise The Conjuring film franchise gives everyone a real scare in the movie theaters. The best way to overcome the fear...

WandaVision Review

Written by Raymond Luna, Social Media
Mar 17, 2021

What feels like an eternity, we finally get a dose of Marvel since Avengers Endgame. Black Widow was supposed to have been released Summer 2020, but with...

iCarly Comeback

Time for a Reboot
Written by Alyson Gonzalez, Print Editor in Chief
Mar 11, 2021

In Five, Four, Three...Two..I know you see that there is a new iCarly! The 2007 Nickelodeon show, iCarly is coming back! It’s been 10 years since the...

Was “The Little Things” Worth a Watch?

Written by Brandon Lee Ramirez, Reporter
Feb 27, 2021

The Premise “The Little Things”, from writer-director John Lee Hancock, hit theaters and HBO Max Jan 29. This crime thriller boasts a star studded...

The Newest Netflix Series Will Have You Ugly Crying

Written by Madelyn Gastelum, Reporter
May 13, 2019

There is always time to Netflix and Chill but sometimes you can go through a dry spell. If you have hit a dry spell, don’t worry because there is a new...

Disney now owns 21st Century Fox, X-Men, and most of Hulu

Written by Diane Chau, writer/reporter
Mar 22, 2019

The New Addition After a little more than a year of convincing, Disney’s process of obtaining 21st Century Fox is finally established. The whole process...

The Umbrella Academy Recap

Written by Sara Cozart, Staff Writer
Mar 1, 2019

The Netflix series The Umbrella Academy is based on the Dark Horse comics by Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Gabriel Ba. It starts with forty-three...

Friends Slated to be Taken Off of Netflix and Move to Warner Media New Streaming Service

Written by Estevan Macias, Print Executive Editor
Feb 28, 2019

In December Netflix pulled out hit TV show Friends only to be met by angry fans wanting the show back. After the backlash, the company decided to agree...

‘Breaking Bad’ Sequel Headed to Netflix

Written by David Ibarra, Reporter
Feb 18, 2019

A sequel to the Emmy award-winning show Breaking Bad is on the way. Earlier this week, Deadline reported that the sequel feature film will debut with...

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