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EarthDay At Home With NASA

EarthDay At Home With NASA
April 22, 2020

Fifty years ago, on Apr. 22, 1970, people around the world marked the first Earth Day. Thousands gathered to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our beautiful planet for future generations. On...

SunRISE Project

NASA selects mission to study what causes giant solar particles storms
April 12, 2020

NASA is on a new space mission as scientists want to study more about the biggest star the sun. A new mission called SunRISE will study what drives solar particle storms and giant surges of solar particles...

Surprising Science From NASA’s In Sight Mars Mission

Traveling beyond the reaches of outer space has been in the interests of mankind for quite sometime. Reaching and studying other planets in our solar system can possibly help us understand our home world as well as, one day, inhabiting new alien surfaces.
March 4, 2020

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) built the InSight Lander which launched  Saturday, May 5, 2018 to study Earth's neighboring planet Mars more prominent. NASA's workers create technology...

NASA Will Be Using Moon Dust To Build Structures

Photo Courtesy:NASA.gov
September 28, 2018

NASA's new focus is going back to the moon and this time they’re not interested in leaving a flag behind. NASA administrator said “This time when we go, we’re going to go to stay.” Which are some...

Ads May Appear in Space Next

Photo illustration by Luis Gutierrez
September 14, 2018

Ads are everywhere and there is almost no way of escaping from them. You go on Instagram, you see them. Youtube, you see them. Now we'll be seeing ads floating around in space soon. Back in August,...

Saturn’s Mysterious Hexagon Looks Mesmerizing

A vibrant view of Saturn's hexagon in its North Pole captured by NASA's spacecraft Cassini.
September 7, 2018

NASA found a more detailed look at a hexagon located in Saturn's northern pole, by its nifty spacecraft called Cassini. 13 years in orbit around Saturn, the spacecraft found wavelengths. From ultra-violet...

Physicist Stephen Hawking Passes Away at 76

Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with a rare disease that affects all the bones in his body at the age of 22. Despite this, he went on to live a lengthy, memorable life as he shared his brilliance with the world.
March 13, 2018

One of the world's most famous and greatest physicists, Stephen Hawking died early Wednesday, March 13 morning in his England home. Hawking  was diagnosed with a rare disease at the age of 22 that left...

NASA’s Plans For Mars

May 16, 2017

NASA gave a press release April 28 about its plans for Mars. These plans detail how NASA will lead a manned expedition to the red planet, joining the race to Mars that SpaceX and other private companies...

NASA Plans to Put a Magnetic Shield Around Mars

Part of the plan Green described was having a magnetic shield shot between orbit of Mars and the Sun.
March 20, 2017

The current state of Mars is known to be dry, cold and unlivable, but a new idea from scientist may have found a way to change these conditions with the help of a magnetic shield reported by phys.org....

James Webb Space Telescope

A rendered image of the James Webb Space Telescope unfurled and in action.
November 21, 2016

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man...

El Niño affects climate change

El Niño affects climate change
February 29, 2016

When I was a child, I remember I always enjoyed the winter season. I have always been fascinated with cold weather because of its dark, gloomy and rainy weather patterns. I also enjoyed the fresh breeze...

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