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No Home, No Help, No Hope

No Home, No Help, No Hope

Noah Garcia, Editor-in-Chief

May 17, 2019

the residents of the Whittier Greenbelt have been cleared out by a combination of  law enforcement, social services and Caltrans , April 22, 2019. With the 38 tent community disassembled, many of the residents have been sent off, either on their own accord or to accept Whittier Area First Day two month hotel vouchers.It’s been weeks since the clean out and Whittier has already begun plans to make sure such an encampment would never form again.

Rio Talk: Homeless

Rio Talk: Homeless

Madelyn Gastelum and Leo Villanueva

April 17, 2019

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LA County Sheriffs and Operation Healthy Hearts Provide Showers and More for Homeless

LA County Sheriffs and Operation Healthy Hearts Provide Showers and More for Homeless

Ramon Alvarado, Editor-in-Chief

July 9, 2018

Homelessness has been a longstanding issue in Los Angeles. The homeless rate jumped 75% in the last six years, according to a LA Times report. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST) has plans to help those unfortunate this summer and beyond. HOST an...

Salvation Army Hospitality House for Homeless opens in Whittier

Lisa Garcia, Staff Writer

April 25, 2017

The previously closed Whittier Salvation Army hospitality house reopened two weeks ago as a women and children’s emergency shelter.  Nine families received a chance to move into the hospitality house, as officials and long time community members looked on to what they referred to as a blessing. It w...

Local organization brings mobile showers to homeless

Carlos Alvarado Jr., Staff Writer

October 9, 2015

Los Angeles City Council members along with Mayor Eric Garcetti introduced the $100 million proposal that will promote shelters and permanent housing for those in need on Sept. 22. First, it will be brought up to the entire City Council and needs to be approved by unanimous vote. If approved, the first distri...

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