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Top 5 Baseball Movies

March 22, 2019

Baseball: America’s favorite sport. It’s also a favorite of Hollywood, as there have been many, many movies based on the sport. So your friendly neighborhood writer thought to himself, Hm, what’re...

The horrors of a remake

February 18, 2016

To make a movie memorable, especially those people watch again and again even if they’re not the most serious and tend to be on the goofy and adventurous side a lot has to go into it. I think it’s...

Stan Lee’s Comikaze thrills Los Angeles true believers

Stan Lee's Comikaze thrills Los Angeles true believers
November 3, 2014

The premiere convention for all things sci-fi, comic book, and geek related in Los Angeles took the Convention Center by storm from Halloween until Nov. 2. There were events all weekend ranging from panel...

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