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Halloween Horror Nights promotion billboard at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights: Giving Us the Comeback we Have All Been Waiting For

Valeria Yanez and Yasmine Poot September 10, 2021

Covid Precautions Halloween Horror Nights 2021 is back this year with its greatest comeback yet. Last year's Covid-19 pandemic forced Universal studios to cancel halloween horror nights last October 2020. Here are some things that have changed. Universal is taking precautions by providing their...

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Tokyo, Japan will be the first Asian Country to host the Summer Olympics twice since 1964.

COVID-19 Cases Rise in Japan, Will the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics Continue?

Mimi Castellanos, Digital Editor in Chief April 27, 2021

2020 Tokyo Olympics Pending Since the multiple strands of COVID-19 have been plaguing the earth, sports events risk their continuation. With the Olympics being postponed to this July, there are still concerns of possible cancellation. The Liberal Democratic Party’s No.2 Torisho Nikai says the games...

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Graphic image of new COVID cases in the state of California given by The New York Times.

California has lowest COVID case rate in US

John Rodriguez, News/Photo Editor April 27, 2021

The state of California now has the lowest COVID case rate in the United States as of the third week of April.  California Beginning of the Year In the beginning of the year, California had one of the highest rates of COVID cases. On January 1st, the state had an average of 37,957 cases of the coronavirus....

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Raymond takes his rollerblades to an empty hockey rink to practice

Life: One year into Covid

Raymond Luna, Social Media April 22, 2021

D-Day March 13, 2020 is a day I can remember so vividly in my mind as if it was yesterday. I wouldn't have known that would be the last day the world seemed normal. No masks, no social distancing and most importantly no worries. I remember everyone watching the news and trying to understand what's going...

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Ralph Dumanil holding

Asian Hate Crime on the Rise

John Rodriguez, News/Photo Editor March 22, 2021

The latest string of hate in America has been towards Anti Asians making this a crisis today. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been almost 4,000 crimes against Anti Asians. Violence with these racist attacks have spiked across the US. Compared to the previous year before the pandemic, Anti...

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Rio Talk: California COVID-19 Curfew Restrictions

Enrique Medina and John Rodriguez December 7, 2020

In this episode of Rio Talk, Enrique Medina and John Rodriguez discuss the recent COVID-19 curfew restrictions in LA County and what it may mean for the weeks ahead.

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Rio Talk: California/LA County Stay at Home Order, Plus Outdoor Dining Removed

Enrique Medina, John Rodriguez, and Nick Salazar December 7, 2020

In the final episode of Rio Talk for Fall 2020, Enrique Medina, John Rodriguez, and Nick Salazar discuss the recent COVID-19 stay at home order put out in LA County and across the state of California. In the episode, the recent outdoor dining ban is also discussed and what both the stay at home order...

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The first presidential debate of 2020 kicked off in Cleveland, Ohio. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were asked about different topics, from their views on healthcare to their policies on climate change.

2020 First Presidential Debate

Lorenzo Arce and Sam Garcia September 30, 2020

Last night, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden exchanged heated words in their first presidential debate. The 95 minute discussion, mediated by Chris Wallace, featured fiery exchanges between the two presidential candidates. Appointing a New Supreme Court Justice There was the...

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Stadiums May Not Open Until 2021

Leslie Lopez May 10, 2020

One may wonder as to when stadiums will open again. Some people want to watch sports once again, and others would not mind rewatching old sports online or on television. Stadiums will most likely be open again until the year 2021. The number of cases of people having the coronavirus has been increasing....

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A screenshot from El Monte's website displaying the Rental Assistance Program, a COVID-19 relief fund of $1,200 for renters within the community.

El Monte Launches Rental Assistance Program in Response to COVID-19

Clarissa Martinez, Digital Associate Editor May 8, 2020

The city of El Monte launched a grant program on Tuesday May 6 that will provide one-time rental assistance up to $1,200. The program is a response effort to help residents that have been economically impacted by COVID-19. The program is directed towards low-income households that have experienced a...

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City of El Monte Offers Short-Term Relief for Small Businesses

Clarissa Martinez, Digital Associate Editor May 1, 2020

The city of El Monte developed a short-term relief fund for small employers called The El Monte Business Grant Program. Councilman Jerry Velasco introduced the grant program on Sunday April 24. Eligible businesses would receive a $10,000 stimulus. Online applications opened Monday April 27 at 9 am on...

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Mental Health: In The Eyes of Bryan Chavez

Bryan Chavez, Host of Rio Round Up April 23, 2020

Mental Health needs to be addressed. Acknowledge and be honest with yourself.

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