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Why Ben Affleck is the Greatest Live Action Batman

Ben Affleck in
February 11, 2019

Christian Bale. Michael Keaton. These are the first names to come to mind when you think of Batman. Or more specifically, who the BEST Batman is. Even Adam West's iteration of the Dark Knight, in all...

Behind The Panel Inside The Mind Of A Comic Book Artist

Photo Courtesy: Dexter Soy
October 2, 2018

When reading a comic it’s so easy to get lost in it, just by reading a fascinating story or looking at the art with all the different colors and styles. It’s easy to forget that these people work day...

Running From a World of Dreams: Black Cloud #1 Review

Cover of Black Cloud #1, with art by Greg Hinkle & Matt Wilson
April 10, 2017

There is something incredibly gratifying about a story that seems to understands how to be complex. A lot of writers today try their best to craft a complex story, e.g. layered and specific, that they...

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