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Black Panther Takes Home 3 Oscars

Black Panther Cast on the red carpet on the night of the Oscars.
February 27, 2019

As Black Panther was already nominated for 7 Oscars there was no doubt it would take home some of those and it did! With the first coming in early in the show for Best Costume Design. Ruth Carter Accepted...

Entertainment Weekly Debuts 15 Covers for Avengers: Infinity War

Josh Brolin as Thanos
The newest Avengers movie is just around the corner and to celebrate EW has a new issue!
March 12, 2018

Entertainment Weekly has released an onslaught of magazine covers for their upcoming issue. Avengers: Infinity War the upcoming film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe just moved up its date to April 27...

Unapologetically Black

Unapologetically Black
Black Panther Does Simple Superbly
February 22, 2018
More often than not, pulling off the basics can do alot when impressing people. What Black Panther has done, is give audiences a film that has the standard superhero movie frame, but has components that are pulled together so well with everything executed so superbly; that the movie has become one of the best Marvel studios has to offer.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ breaks ground in concept and execution

'Captain America: Civil War' breaks ground in concept and execution
May 8, 2016

Following the devastating events of "Avengers: Age of Ultron" the third, and possibly final installment of the ultimate American trilogy, "Captain America: Civil War" opens with the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

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